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Creating liquid solid separation solutions

Tons Per Hour, Inc. is the turn-key solution for liquid-solid separation needs. Protecting natural resources and cost effectively assisting our clients to comply with environmental regulation via solid-state, reliable, solid-liquid separation systems is our priority.
Tons Per Hour offers practical solutions that separate solids from liquids; yielding manageable, dry solid waste and high value concentrates while returning water for reuse.
• Combining innovative technology with conventional practices for practical, cost effective, solutions to many of the modern industry challenges
• In-house design and engineering
• Partnered with global manufacturing leaders

Tons Per Hour Company Background

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Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements
Put client interests ahead of the firm’s
Observe high ethical standards
Preserve client confidences
Maintain an independent perspective


Tons Per hour, Inc. has recovered billions of gallons of water, reduced the liability of slurry impoundments and contributed to the profitability of our clients and industry as a whole.

Global Responsibility

TPH also specializes in tailings management, water recovery, product beneficiation, and regulatory compliance in both North and Latin America. Quality liquid-solid separation begins with an initial consultation. Our engineers will review your existing operation and provide a comprehensive assessment, then design and build a system specific to your needs.

We work with our clients in tandem to leverage our full range of products: filter presses, belt presses, thickener-clarifiers, flocculant preparation, metering systems, pumps, dewatering screens, and a complete line of liquid-solid separation chemistry options. Turnkey services include design, engineering, equipment, construction, erection, commissioning and training. Optionally, TPH can provide expert consultation and repair services on existing presses, and also offers presses for rent or demonstrations.


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