Thickeners & Clarifiers

Ultra High Capacity Clarifiers

Ultra High Capacity (UHC) Clarifiers provide very high flow, high tonnage capacities, low maintenance, a small footprint, and are preassembled to minimize installation time. Our clarifiers provide nearly 95% water recovery from your process slurry and the highest underflow density in the industry. They are completely pre-fabricated and can be erected in one day. We offer integrated cyclone support structures to reduce cost and allow gravity feed. The base structure can be utilized as a fresh water storage tank, a storage area, MCC, or a testing laboratory.

We offer:

  • Flow capacity up to 7000 GPM in a single unit
  • Quick installation, low maintenance
  • Clear reusable effluent
  • More weir space than conventional thickeners
  • Precise underflow density control
  • Completely automated operations, including flocculant dosage through the use of our exclusive fiber optic metering system

Deep Cone Thickener

Deep Cone Thickeners

Our unique Deep Cone Thickener is perfect for low-flow applications and portable wash plants. It produces high density, underflow solids and has an integrated cyclone support structure. This system discharges high density, underflow solids through an automated pneumatic pinch-valve system.


  • Flow capacity up to 1200 GPM in a single unit
  • Up to 95% water recovery
  • Quick installation, low maintenance
  • No internal moving parts
  • High density underflow

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