Turnkey Services
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Turnkey Services
Made to Order
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TPH, Inc. Engineering Services

Engineer Procure Construct (EPC)

Working with Tons Per Hour, Inc. streamlines all sized project solutions from start to finish, adding security and confidence in every project at all levels.

In-House Engineering Team

Our in-house engineering team can design your system from the ground on up with custom-designed solutions to modify and improve existing operations to greenfield, turn-key solutions.

Turnkey Services in Engineering

Engineering services made to order

Tons Per Hour, Inc. has a knowledgeable and professional engineering team that can design your facility, offering turnkey solutions, or the engineering team can custom design the equipment to fit your existing footprint. Our engineers can assist you with equipment selection so that you obtain your desired operation goal, or specify equipment that will integrate into your existing PLC.
Our engineering and sales teams offer consultations for evaluating plant efficiency, tailing waste analysis for possible beneficial uses, and diagnosis, retro-fit and design improvement of competing filter presses and other industry equipment.

Mechanical Engineering Services

At Tons Per Hour, Inc., our mechanical engineers can complete detailed design of all piping, valves, pumps and system analysis in conjunction with fully detailed documentation.

Electrical and Controls Engineering

Our engineers incorporate top to bottom programming across multiple systems while integrating key data points allowing operators to use the equipment efficiently and effectively.

Civil and Structural Engineering

From geo-technical soil analysis to complete building and sheeting design, our engineers create complex structures to accommodate the toughest site conditions.
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