Technical Services

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory techs produce detailed slurry and particle analysis to ensure proper engineering solutions for our clients and their industries.

Site and Field Services

Onsite field technicians provide thorough equipment inspections and detailed reporting to maintain equipment integrity and system optimization.

Tons Per Hour Technical Services

Industry equipped laboratories

With 5 or more gallons of slurry samples, Tons Per Hour laboratories will perform complete testing and analysis to provide a detailed strategy for each client. After complete analysis, a customized report is generated offering proper equipment specifications and sizing.
Filter press testing and parameter optimization
Sieve size particle analysis
Microscopic analysis
Particle size analysis by laser diffraction
Shape and surface analysis by Stokes Law settling
Elemental analysis by x-ray fluorescence (XRF)
Mineral analysis x-ray diffraction (XRD)
Quality Assurance
Tons Per Hour, Inc. employs a unique warranty on all of its systems. We offer the standard industry warranties but also employ the policy “if it should not have failed, it’s covered, regardless of the age of the system.”
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