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Tons Per Hour takes pride in the reliability and uptime that are the hallmark of all of our customized systems. All replacement parts are warehoused in Houston, Texas. With over 25 years of expertise and experience, we proudly offer the fastest delivery time in the industry.

With the largest manufacturing base in the industry, increasingly companies turn to TPH for turnkey liquid-solid separation needs.

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Mining and Mineral Processing

Tons Per Hour offers liquid-solid separation solutions for both refuse/tailing and high-value concentrates in the mining industry. We also offer equipment sales, complete system designs and high-quality engineering. Some of the product solutions include: Dewatering Products, Thickeners, Filter Presses, Pumps, Valves, Cyclones, Flocculant Blending and Metering Systems.

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Mining Site

Wasterwater Facility

Wastewater Facilities

TPH also provides solutions for the waste water treatment industry, with liquid-solid separation equipment and an array of chemicals for system maintenance. TPH designs and builds systems that will work the best for your operation resulting in the most efficient dewatering process. Waste water management encompasses a broad range of efforts that promote effective and responsible water use, treatment, and disposal to encourage the protection and restoration of natural water sources.

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Tons Per Hour also works in the energy industry, offering total suspended solids (TSS) and total dissolved solids (TDS) reduction. TPH offers a wide array of industrial equipment to reduce suspended solids and keep ancillary equipment running at optimum performance. TPH equipment is used in oil and gas production as well as with fracturing sand and proppants.


The agriculture industry utilizes dairy and poultry waste stream treatment, waste water treatment and dewatering for liquid-solid separation systems. TPH fully engineers customized designs that allow clients to build and maintain all the necessary systems to keep operations running smoothly.

Ready Mix Concrete

TPH filter presses can help ready mix concrete recover water from the truck washout slurry water. This saves valuable space around the plant and eliminates the need for large drying ponds.