Flocculants Coagulants and Reagents

Liquid Flocculants and Coagulants

Flocculants and Coagulants, along with a number of inorganic chemicals, are used for precipitation and collection of contaminants from mining and industrial waste waters. Polymers are also used in the treatment of domestic waste and drinking water treatments using food grade reagents. Typically, the organic flocculants and coagulants are long chains of organic molecules, augmented with positively or negatively charged amine groups, that attach to suspended particles, thus agglomerating the solids and facilitating removal of solids by settling and filtration.

Powder Flocculants and Coagulants

For applications where ease of mixing or space limitations are a factor, most polymer reagents are offered in liquid form. The liquids are suspensions of the polymers in a water-soluble oil, making them quickly dispersed in water for application to a treatment process with little mixing required. Liquid polymers can be applied with a minimum of capital cost and are often applied where operator time, attention or expertise is not available.

Flocculants and Coagulants

Quality assured

TPH offers a complete line of powder flocculants and coagulants from the world’s leading chemical manufacturers. We choose the right chemical treatment after careful analysis and consideration of field conditions in order to deliver our customers the most cost-effective solutions available. Combining twenty-five years of liquid-solids separation experience, state-of-the-art testing and on-site analysis and the lowest cost reagents available in the market, TPH is able to provide the “right” treatment at the best price. And with automated dosing control and best in class service and support, TPH provides the best solution for any application – bottom line.
TPH utilizes a wide range of equipment in conjunction with its many years of practical field experience. From the ‘Silver Bullet’ bulk-handling of dry flocculants (including metering, mixing, aging, delivery and control) to the simplest floc pump for metering liquids, TPH provides the means to control the chemical costs associated with liquid/solids separation for any application.
Efficient Chemical Blending
Proper blending and inversion of flocculants can dramatically increase the efficiency of flocculants. TPH flocculant systems accurately control solution strength while providing maximum efficiency blending and ageing.
The Most Cost Effective Solution
Chemical screening and engineering are essential to the efficient application techniques of reagents in any slurry/water treatment process.

Onsite reagent screening and settling rate tests are conducted to identify the most effective reagent program for a given process. Our experienced and highly qualified staff are ready to find solutions to even the most difficult challenges facing the industries slurry/water treatment requirements.

Supported by Years of Field Experience
For twenty-five years, TPH has provided solutions for waste-water treatment problems, ranging from dewatering sand and gravel plant fines, coal washing plant wastes, to all types of mining tailings. We specialize in dry stacking solids to minimize waste disposal requirements, saving our customers’ money and time. The cumulative experience of our engineering staff spans more than a hundred and fifty years, and we bring that experience to every problem to provide cost-effective solutions. Contact us today and let us bear down to solve your most difficult problems.
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