Cost-Effective Slurry
Pump Solutions
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Cost-Effective Slurry
Pump Solutions
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Patent-Pending Slurry Pumps

TDH Slurry™

TDH Slurry™ is a subsidiary of Tons Per Hour, Inc. and provides our customers with the right slurry pump for the application to yield the most long-term, cost-effective solutions.

Proprietary Slurry Pump

Using our patent-pending proprietary pump design and manufacturing saves time and resources. Our Pumps are designed to last longer and reduce downtime by utilizing only the best technology and wear parts in the industry.

Advantages of a TPH Slurry Pump

Inventory of Slurry Pumps

TDH slurry pumps are designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive and high density slurries - with the greatest reliability - reducing downtime and maximizing production. Unlike competing models, a TDH slurry pump will maintain high efficiencies over the entire life of their components. Continuous adjustment of impellers or adjustable liners is not required.
For interchangeability and maximum uptime, TDH casings for horizontal shaft pups (models T,P,R,N,D,and G) use the same base, bearing housing, bearings and sealing options.
Our $3 million inventory in Houston, Texas guarantees service in 24 hours or less.
Call our facility at (916) 472-8887 to check inventory availability.

TDH Tough Series Slurry Pump

“T” pumps are designed for a wide band of slurry applications. They are generally used for slurries containing high concentrations of erosive solids and where a tough, heavy duty pump is required, This series of slurry pump also has multiple impeller and sealing options for each pump size. This assortment enhances correct hydraulic selection and proper application.

TDH Pressure Series Slurry Pump

Our Pressure Series slurry pumps are extremely tough, large, slow speed pumps that are designed with extra abrasive resistant material to deal with your worst applications. Designed for high pressure, These slurry pumps can train as many as five pumps in series and can also be used for slurries containing very high concentrations of erosive solids. Pumps are only available with metal liners and impellers.
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