Industry Solid Liquid
Separation Equipment
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Industry Solid Liquid
Separation Equipment
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Quality Solid Liquid Separation Equipment for Over 25 Years

Leading global equipment provider

Tons Per Hour, Inc. has been providing quality liquid solid separation equipment to major industries for decades. From processing wash water, creating more environmentally efficient dry stack tailings to managing effluent streams, we have the equipment to do accomplish project goals.
Quality liquid solid separation begins with an initial consultation at your plant. After reviewing your existing operation, we will provide a comprehensive assessment, and then design and engineer a system specific to your needs. Working with our customers in tandem, we leverage the full range of equipment products at our disposal: filter presses, belt presses, thickener-clarifiers, flocculent preparation, metering systems, pumps, dewatering screens, and a complete line of solid liquid separation chemistry options.
TPH offers stationary and mobile system solutions for most liquid/solids separation needs as well as custom fabrication of tanks, thickeners, clarifiers, feeders, sumps, conveyors and other fabricated steel products. Each piece of TPH equipment is custom engineered and designed, and can be wet-stamped when required.

Filter Press Equipment

With Tons Per Hour, Inc. Filter Presses, you are ensured maximum reliability, efficient water recovery, and manageable dry stack tailings. Tons Per Hour, Inc. has recently placed presses in coal, industrial silica, limestone, and gold to name a few.

Slurry Dewatering Equipment

Unlike competing models, TDH slurry pumps will maintain high efficiencies over the entire wear life of their components. Continuous adjustment of impellers or adjustable liners is not required.
For interchangeability and maximum uptime, TDH casings for horizontal shaft slurry pumps (models T, P, R, N, D, and G) use the same base, bearing housings, bearings, and sealing options.

Liquid Solid Separation Equipment

Quality liquid-solid separation is critical to business operation due to the modern focus on natural resource stewardship and water conservation, environmental restrictions, and water resource management. Tons Per Hour, Inc. (TPH) is your one-stop solution for all industrial liquid-solid separation needs with offices in North and Latin Americas.
Separation Equipment Installation
Tons Per Hour, Inc. Equipment
Tons Per Hour, Inc. delivers solid liquid separation solutions through innovatively designed equipment, maximizing efficiency for over 25 years.
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